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Local Art Gallery in Honolulu, HI

For a stunning selection of original artwork created by local artists, visit Sunshine Arts Hawaii. Our gallery features work from over 100 artists from all the Hawaiian Islands, including oil paintings, glass sculptures, jewelry, and more. Each piece of art showcases the unique beauty of our state, making our gallery a must-see on your visit to Honolulu, HI.

Landscape painting
Painting of figures on a beach
Landscape painting

Over 20 Years of Experience

Since 1996, we’ve been displaying, framing, and selling authentic Hawaiian art. We provide a comfortable, welcoming art gallery where artists, locals and tourists alike can view pieces that reflect the local landscape. With over two decades of experience in the art world, we know how to create an enjoyable experience for everyone who stops in, from casual visitors to art connoisseurs. In fact, the American Art Awards board recently selected us as the 2019 Best Art Gallery in Hawaii and as one of their 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America.

Framing & Worldwide Shipping

Sunshine Arts Hawaii features a full-service framing department, where we can create a custom frame for the artwork of your choice. Not able to visit Honolulu? We’ll ship your expertly framed piece directly to you. Our art gallery serves customers across the globe and is proud to share the art of Hawaii with other parts of the world.

We are proud to offer a complimentary gift with purchase!

An Art Gallery For Everyone

Sunshine Arts Hawaii is an essential stop on your visit to Waikiki on Oahu. We offer a unique art-viewing experience and an ever-growing selection of local art for sale. At our wide variety of prices, ranging from $12 to $60,000, you’re sure to find a beautiful piece to take with you as a memory of your time spent on the islands. 

Upcoming Events

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Our Featured Artists

Dennis Morton 

Dennis Morton has been painting since 1972, first in New England, where he studied art in college, and then in Hawaii. In 1974, Morton took an apprenticeship with Richard Whitney, an internationally recognized portrait artist. His apprenticeship and association with Whitney lasted 10 years.
While developing his skills as a portrait artist, Morton devoted equal time to exploring the possibilities of landscape painting. He now focuses mostly on landscapes, although he still accepts portrait commissions. He defines his style as “Visual Impressionism”, a combination of classical drawing with impressionistic colors.
Most of the time, Dennis paints out of doors. “You have to struggle sometimes to find the right spot,” he says, “but the place often carries the whole painting,”  

Lynne Boyer

Lynne Boyer paints natural Hawaiian scenes with oil on canvas. She was born with a keen interest in visual arts and started drawing and painting at an early age. Lynne grew up on Oahu and became a world Champion surfer winning the titles in 1978 & 1979, even though her interest in the arts never waned. Although a primarily self-taught artist, she has taken a number of university art courses and continues to participate in various plein air workshops. Her experience and talent in fine art, as well as her familiarity with the ocean and her love of nature, give her paintings a unique perspective that reflects the beauty and power of our ever changing world. 
“Sometimes I really like to show all the details in a scene. Other times I choose to leave out certain details and let the brush strokes, application of the paint and values do all the work. I feel that when I look at a painting, saying more with less usually creates a much stronger work of art. It’s an endless learning process, so I am constantly inspired!”

Mark N. Brown

Mark N. Brown was born and raised in Hawaii. He lives and works in Kalihi Valley home which was a base for an artist colony in the 1920’s. He has been painting “plein air” (outdoors) for the last 10 years. His art work has expanded to include: portraits, murals and book illustration. His style has evolved from the desire to finish a painting “ala prima” (in one sitting). Mark continues to further his skill by teaching life drawing classes at Chaminade University. He has been conducting these since 1987. He also teaches at the University of Hawaii Manoa Outreach College, a class titled “Painting on Location”. Mark has published work for a variety of clients including “The Haleiwa Art Festival” poster 2002, American Savings Bank Calendar 2000. Aloha Airlines Calendars for 2002 and 2003.  

Ed Furuike

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii before statehood, Ed Furuike was always interested in art but never pursued that interest. In 1975 he studied for one year with renowned artist Hiroshi Tagami who encouraged Ed to continue painting with a palette knife. Immediately connecting with a palette knife Ed painted every morning and late in the afternoon after his full time job. His paintings began attracting eyes of collectors from all over the world through various art exhibitions throughout the state and as a permanent artist at the Honolulu Zoo Fence Art for 30 years. “I believe Faith, Passion and Fun are key in life to achieve anything worthwhile.” 

Tim "Quy" Nguyen

Vietnamese born Tim “Quy”Nguyen was always interested in art as a child. He began his career as a interior designer yet ever since he can remember, painting has been his favorite form of self-expression. After a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, Tim was so inspired he decided to move his family here. Painting is now Tim’s full -time passion. His homeland still fills him with “strong emotions” which he draws upon…Blending Vietnamese culture with life in the islands for an eastern flavor of his own! Currently living on the Windward side of Oahu, Nguyens paintings are collected worldwide.  

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At our art gallery, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. We’re always happy to answer questions about our art, so don’t hesitate to inquire about the pieces on display. We’re set apart from other art galleries by our dedication to local artists—every piece of art is created by residents of the islands.

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